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If you've been in the Mailorder industry for a while, you may know me for a number of income opportunities
​I've created over the years. I hope to continue providing you with new and exciting ways to earn money for many
​more years to come. But for now let's get down to why you're here. 

​I'm offering you a full $100 OFF my new RACE TO RICHES 7-level gifting program! You can scroll down this page to
​see a sample copy of the flyer. To get your discounted ​membership, you'll need to make just one payment of $50.00
​to me for your Level 1 placement on the flyer. You'll receive a set of 2" ads with your assigned ID Number on them to
​use for promotion. I will then mail a full color copy of YOUR recruiting flyer to the inquiries your ads generate.

​Check out the full color 8 X 10 flyer below for details, then send $50.00 cash or MO for your member pack to:

                                eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEDWARD WEARY
22222222222222222222222222255 Carriage Circle #529 Pontiac, MI 48342​​

Edward Weary
Here's a sample of the full color RACE TO RICHES flyer I will mail for you when you place the 2" ads.
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Would you like to pay only $20.00 for your RACE TO RICHES membership?
If you have Internet access and would like to participate in a 2 X 2 online matrix
​program, then use $25.00 of the entry fee for my program to join 2 X 2 FOR YOU 
​below. Then, simply ​send $20.00 for RACE TO RICHES along with your​​ USERNAME
​from 2 X 2 FOR YOU to me for processing. This offer also includes free downline
​building for you via my PAGE ROTATOR system.

NOTE: You must join using the red button below to qualify for this option.​

This program is blowing up the Internet right now. You only need 6 people to cycle PHASE 1 and earn $60.00! You are then automatically paid into the PHASE 2 and you'll earn $130.00, PHASE 3 $250.00, PHASE 4 $400.00 and then you re-cycle through all Phases over and over again. So join 2 X 2 FOR YOU and let me promote for you and all of your downline members as well.
This is the new 2" ad that is replacing the one you just responded to as of July 2019.


It's simply a way to cycle a number of webpages using on link address. Watch the video to the left to get a demo and a better understanding of how it works.​